Westworld Treats Us To Kick-ass Samurai Sword Fight

Westworld Goes To Japan?


I can’t imagine there are many people who don’t know what Westworld is about on some level.

Robots, almost identical to humans are created in order to recreate a wild-west themed park. As the robots grow closer to human consciousness, the peace of the park is turned to turmoil. 


In the last few episodes, we’ve been introduced to another area called Shogun World that is set in 17th century Japan.






While there are no spoilers to the overall plot, if you haven’t watched season 2 episode 6 yet, you may want to do that before continuing this article.


Westworld Actually Gets It Right?


Anyone with even a bit of understanding of the Japanese language and culture is probably aware of how often Hollywood does it terribly wrong. Asian actors who don’t actually know Japanese, unnatural or even mistaken-ridden language, pathetic sword fights – the list goes on.


That’s why when someone actually does it right, it looks and feels great on the screen. This time, Westworld has hit the nail on the head by showing us authentic Japanese culture with an incredible (but short) sword fight between two samurai called Musashi and Tanaka.


The intense clash features dual-wielding, dismemberment, and even seppuku (a form of samurai suicide that was done to avoid dishonour and shame).


Here are a few screen grabs from the honourable duel between Musashi and Tanaka.


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Cool, right?



A little later in the episode, we’re also given another little treat. It seems the ‘Shogun World’ is such a large project within the plot of Westworld, they somehow even recreated a beautiful and ancient Mt. Fuji!


westworld, samurai, japan


Who wouldn’t dream of going to a park like this?


Which would you choose? The wild-west park or the shogun world park? I know which I’d choose – I’d just have to learn how to use a katana sword first!


Someone has uploaded the fight on Youtube. I’ll link the video but I have no idea if it will be removed or not.