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Need a translator?

Here at Japan-and-Me, we offer great value Japanese translation with unlimited feedback and reviews to guarantee you walk away happy. And unlike a large translation company that has tons of overhead costs, our translator will give you their full attention at a price they can’t beat!


We have experience in manga,  games, subtitling, business correspondence, flyers, and menus – you name it, we’ll do it!


How we translate:

Step 1: Write the text that needs translating into excel.

Step 2: Carefully translate the text into the target language while looking at the original material.

Step 3: Have a native speaker check the translation (quality control)

Step 4: Proof-read for errors.

Step 5: Send it to the customer.

Step 6: Revise any translations the customer isn’t satisfied with.


With this thorough process, you can rest assured you’ll get the highest quality translations – all on a budget you can afford!

To inquire about prices, services, previous translation work, and experience, please email us at!