Greatest Japanese Magicians Who Performed on Audition Shows (Top 5!)

Magic shows and auditions show have gained worldwide attention in the last decade, attracting talented performers from all corners of the globe. Japan is no exception from that as in the last few years, some of Japan’s most skilled and amazing magicians have been performing on shows such as Got Talent and Penn and Teller. Be prepared to have your mind blown away as these Japanese magicians blow your mind by performing the implausible.  


TanBA, the man who eats everything (Penn and Teller)

This wacky magician from Japan does something that should never be tried by anyone ever. He eats razors, balloons, and a ton of other stuff that really shouldn’t be possible. 


Taijyi Fujiyama, traditional Japanese magic (Penn and Teller)

I once saw a very similar show during the Chinese New Year celebrations. I don’t know if this magic originates from China or Japan, but it’s a very beautiful routine. Taijyi Fujiyama does the seemingly impossible as he changes through dozens of masks in the blink of an eye. 


Hara, a creative and magical light performance (America’s Got Talent)

Hara stuns the audience and the judges by combining traditional magic with light/laser technology to create a show that will both amaze and inspire.


Ryan Hayashi, a super-energized coin performance (Penn and Teller)

Ryan Hayashi delivers a super intense coin magic you’ve never seen before. This meme-referencing magician has such control over his hands that he could probably steal every penny in your wallet and you wouldn’t have a clue. 


Sora, a mind-boggling underwear performance (Britain’s Got Talent)

Sora and his beautiful assistant perform risque underwear magic (don’t get too excited, though!)