How to Use Japan’s Convenience Store Printers


Need to print documents, but don’t have a printer? Use convenience store printers!

Buying a printer can be a hassle if you don’t need to print things regularly – and let’s not forget the price of new ink cartridges.

Luckily though, with over 10,000 stores around the country, it’s not hard to find convenience store printers.

There are a few methods in which you can do this, so it’s best to choose the one that suits you best.

Take your USB

If you put your files on a USB, you can usually plug your USB into the printer, which allows you to print off any document you want.

Sign up for an online account

This is the method I usually use. Sign up for an account, upload your files, preview your document, and receive a code. Go to the printer inside the store, input your code and print the documents you need.

You can make an account here that you can use at Sunkusu, Family Mart and Lawson.

Connect it to your phone

I’ve never used this one before, but it seems you can connect your phone to the printer – so if you have the documents saved on it, this method could be good for you.

Scan it

If you’re wanting to make copies of a document, then it may be easier to take the document to the store, scan it, and then print it.


The cost varies depending on which convenience store you go to. While I found it easier to use the networkprint service at my local Family Mart, this isn’t the cheapest way. If you’re printing a document, especially a colour document, prices can start to add up. At Family Mart, a black and white print will cost 20 yen, while a colour print will cost a whopping 60 yen.

A full list of prices can be found here.

By far the cheapest printing service I found was Ministop. At only 10 yen for A4 and even B4 black and white printing, you really can’t go wrong.

Printing settings

While it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of it, there are a few settings you need to watch out for to make sure you don’t mess up your print.

Black and white vs colour
Double-sided vs single sided
Double-sided print both starting at the top of the page – double-sided print starting on opposite sides of the page.
Resizing vs. not resizing.