“My Child is a Game Addict!” – Game Addiction in Japan


Game Addiction

When people hear the phrase ‘game addiction’, many people think of online games such as World of Warcraft.

However, the game industry has been moving from consoles and computers to the mobile industry. So naturally, so is game addiction.

You can’t ride a train without seeing a few young Japanese people playing games on their mobile game. And with more and more games allowing real money purchases, game addiction is something to be concerned about.

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Comments from a mother

One parent tells us about how their son who has grown violent due to his game addiction. One time even resulted in having to call the ambulance.

“You wouldn’t know it by looking at him. But then you enter his room and see all the holes in the walls from when he lost his temper. He was such a nice child…”


The Young Person’s Addiction

While many people think “drugs”, “tobacco”, “alcohol” when they hear addiction, these are actually on the decline for the youth in Japan. The addiction of the twenty-first century is gaming and social media.

“I play 10 hours a day. In the end, my grades started dropping.”

“I wanted a limited edition character so much that I spent 200,000 yen in a single day (nearly 2000 dollars)”

These comments by young students show just how dangerous gaming addiction can get.


“I can’t live without games”

Why are young people getting addicted to games? According to one student, the reason for this was to make friends online and to escape from reality and bullying.

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A Survey into Game Addiction

In one of Kanagawa Prefecture’s hospitals, there were 120 cases of game addiction last year. A survey of the effects of game addiction had the following results:

75% couldn’t get up in the morning
59% had absences from school.
50% skipped meals
48% had grades and work performance fall.

50% have been known to break things.
26% have been violent towards there family.
17% have stolen money from their family.

Game addiction can cause a family to go out of control. There are also many health problems related to spending too much time on games. This is no longer a problem just for the gaming world, but for society as a whole.