A New eSports Tournament Coming to Japan?


What is eSports all about?


I’m sure many people these days are well aware of eSports. Gaming is no longer just a hobby, but for some, it is a well-paid career. Some of the top players earn millions of dollars in a single competition – enough to rival the winnings of many top sports in the real world.

Games such as Fortnite that was released in 2017, have announced they will pay out over a hundred million dollars worth of prize money this year.


Yes, it’s no joke – gaming can make you richer than you’ll ever need to be.


It’s not only America that is going gaming mad, though. Gaming has been a huge business in South Korea for many years now. In South Korea, pro-gaming and e-sports competitions are considered a national past time with approximately 10 million regular viewers.


Have eSports come to Japan?


While Japan is well-known for being a revolutionary of technology, it hasn’t quite caught on to the eSports craze quite as much as the US… but could that be starting to change?

It would appear that Japan is also making progress in the world of pro-gaming as a new tournament has been announcedNext autumn (2019), there will be a national eSports tournament held in Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture.

Between February and July of next year, mini tournaments will be held to decide the representatives for each of Japan’s 47 prefectures (a prefecture is what Japan calls its counties/states).

This will total around 300 players who will compete to decide who the best players in all of Japan are!

The governor of Ibaraki announced the tournament as being part of a cultural program. Regardless of age, sex, or handicaps – anyone is free to participate.


It’s almost enough to make me want to clean the dust off my old controller. I must say, it does look like an incredible amount of pressure to play in a stadium like this one, though!

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