Coronavirus in Japan and myths

coronavirus, codvid-19, japan virus

Coronavirus disease 2019, otherwise known as codvid-19 is already becoming the greatest world-wide emergency many of us have ever known. 

What is just as scary as the virus itself is surplux of information, given by almost anyone and everyone, regardless of who accurate or inaccurate it is. 

That’s why I’m going to join the frey and give my 2 cents about a lot of stuff I thought would be common sense. 

However, most of what I’m saying also isn’t “fact”. 


Don’t worry – it doesn’t have a death rate like SARS, so no big deal.

Wrong. The virus spreads much more easier than the SARS virus, so while the death rate is lower, the potential for death can be much higher. And SARS was a huge deal, anyway… 

So what? Influenza has killed far more people this year alone. 

Wrong. The damage of one virus doesn’t deminish the damage of another. Influenza has been around for a while and there are vaccines. The most dangerous thing about the corona virus is the potential it has. It’s still in it’s early days but it could take over the world and kill millions (potentially). 

Masks don’t work. 

Wrong. While there effect may be limited or may even have an inverse effect if used incorrectly, they surely have some – even if small –  protection against the virus. Even if it doesn’t, if everyone wears them, it is very likely to reduce the spread of the virus. 

This will all blow over when summer comes.

Wrong. There is no evidence, that like influenza, the hot weather will stop the spread of the virus. Don’t believe me? Ask Australia. 

Buy all the toilet roll you can – there is a world-wide shortage.

Wrong. Toilet roll is one of the less likely things to suddenly be in shortage. Toilet roll already has an extremely stable demand by virtually everyone. This means the amount of toilet roll being produced is already enough to supply the world. However, panic buying has caused a huge surge the purchace of neccesities such as toilet roll, meaning shops and stores soon run out of stock. The sudden demand is putting pressure on logistics rather than production. 

The desease is here because the Chinese eat bats. 

Wrong. It is currently unproved (although suspected by some) that the origin of the virus was from bats. It is also unknown if was passed onto or from bats from a different animal. 

Japan isn’t testing people so they can carry out the olympics. 

Wrong. While Japan has carried out less tests than other countries, they have still carried out tens of thousands of tests. Japan is currently only those who are considered to be possible infected (rather than just anyone with a fever). And while it is possible to keep down the number of recorded cases by doing fewer tests, it would be much harder to hide the number of deaths caused by the virus.