Cheaper Flights in and Around Japan? – A New Airliner by 2020

A New Airliner by 2020?

Japan Air Lines (JAL), Japan’s national airline, have announced that they are preparing to create a new low-cost carrier airline.

JAL hopes to have the new airline in operation by 2020 – the year the Olympics come to Tokyo.

The airline will be based at Narita airport and will fly to locations around Japan and Asia. They are also considering having low-cost flights to Europe and America.

JAL is already working together with Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar, which flies to a number of airports around Japan and Australia.

All Nippon Airlines (ANA) are currently running two low-cost airlines, but have announced plans to merge the companies by March 2020.

While many low-cost carriers were originally meant for short domestic flights, many are now branching out to medium length flights, allowing for cheaper travel to a much larger number of countries.

Many airlines consider short-haul flights to be less than three hours, while medium-length flights are between three and six hours. Long-haul flights are between six and twelve hours, while anything above that is known as an ‘ultra long-haul flight’.


Increasing Competition Could Leader to Cheaper Flights

With many countries in recession or stagnation, low price flights are become ever more sought after, as the financial burden of taking holidays becomes greater. This had lead to fierce competition between airlines that could mean cheaper flights in and around Japan!

While increased competition will hopefully lower prices for those travelling around Japan, increases in fuel prices could make flights slightly more expensive.

With the 2020 Olympics coming up, and record numbers of tourists coming to Japan each year, Japan is undoubtedly becoming more and more of an accessible country that many people want to cross off their bucket list. But will Tokyo be able to deal with even greater numbers of tourists?