Beach Snowball Fight in Tokyo!


Snowball fight on the beach?!

With a succession of public holidays known as ‘Golden Week’, many events are being held around Japan. At Odaiba beach (Yokohama), a wide array of sporting events are taking place.

Linked to Japan’s national sporting events, beach and marine sports such as volleyball competitions have been held at Odaiba beach that is a popular destination for Tokyo residents since last year. Here, you can experience and play various different games. This year, however, one such game is not what you’d expect to play in the warm May weather.


Snowball fights on Odaiba beach.

The competition involves throwing snowballs with a diameter of seven centimetres that have been made from an ice-maker. Many parents and children are keeping cool on the beach by enjoying this out-of-season event!


snowballs, snowball fight


Not only snowball fights, but one can also play games such as ‘beach woodball’, a game that requires you to carefully hit a wooden ball through some wickets. Normally played on grass, players need to carefully read the sandy terrain to be able to score points.


According to Japan’s beach culture promotion association, many young Japanese people are avoiding the sun which has caused the number of people who visit the beaches is drop. The president of the association commented ‘Being able to feel the sand on your feet and enjoying the sun is the charm of beach sports. I believe it helps open up the heart, so we’d love it if more people visited the beaches”.


This event takes place until the 5th of March.