Must See Anime 03: Ushio to Tora

I do admit that Ushio to Tora is neither an iconic classic nor a bandwagon anime of recent years. I’m not here to introduce the classics that everyone has already seen, but rather to persuade you to watch something you may have overlooked.

What is Ushio to Tora about?

The story follows the travels of a boy called Ushio. One day, Ushio unleashes a powerful demon when he removes the Beast Spear that was trapping the demon known as Tora. The cursed spear offers speed, agility, and strength in exchange for the user’s soul – but there a few who can actually master it. Ushio appears to have good compatibility with the spear, which is the only thing keeping him from being eaten by Tora.

As the two travel and grow stronger as Ushio learns to master the Beast Spear. Soon, their relationship goes from wanting to kill each other to becoming a fierce team to fight demons and humans alike… while, of course, still comically trying to kill one another.

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Why do I recommend it?

Do you sometimes wish they made anime just like they did in the nineties? Do you wish you could re-watch classics like Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time again? Well, Ushio to Tora is probably the closest thing you can get to a new-nineties anime.

The manga itself ran from 1990-1996, while the anime ran from 2015-16. The drawing and animation won’t win any awards, but it does stay loyal to the style of the decade while still having a modern feel to the animation. As for any good Shonen anime of the time, a decent number of episodes (39) were produced, making it not too long, but but too short, either

Battles, comedy… and just like every other nineties Shonen anime (Dragon Ball, HxH, Yu Yu etc.), his hair grows longer when he powers up. What else do you need to hear to give it a chance?

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