Airnori Love Wagon: Asian Journey – Netflix Review

Ainori Lovewagon, A Show You Can’t Help But Like

‘Ainori Lovewagon: Asian Journey’ is one of those shows that takes you by surprise – you probably shouldn’t like it, but you fall in love with it.

It has a fairly simple premise with the aim being to find love while travelling together.

Four men and three women travel around Asia in a pink van (known as the Ainori Love-wagon) until they fall in love with another member.

When they fall in love, they ask that member to end their journey and return to Japan with them.

If they say yes, they kiss and go home together.
If they say no, the person who confessed their feelings goes home alone.

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Ainori Has Genuine Moments

There are a few things that really make this reality TV program special.

Unlike much of TV these days, the members are not picked on their good-looks and camera suitability; instead, they pick rather odd characters who have little to no love experience whatsoever.

As a result, you get to see ‘ordinary’ people disagree, fall in love, and genuinely mature into better people.

Yes, there are plenty of cringe-worthy moments, like when a member has too much to drink and says too much; and yes, many members feel the stress of having a camera on them 24/7, but there are some really inspiring moments, too.

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Fighting aside, It really is quite amazing how much some of these characters mature in the short time they appear on the show. And you, the viewer, will feel this, too.


The show is also a great way to touch up on your rusty Japanese and get a close-up look at the different social statuses between members of a group.

While it may be different to something like Terrace House, you should definitely give this show a chance.

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