5 Things I Love About Japan!


Every year, the number of tourists visiting Japan increases – and it really isn’t hard to understand why. Japan has some of the most interesting culture, outstanding customer service, and has both megacities and amazing countryside. These are the five things I love about Japan!



1. The Food!!

You can’t beat Japanese food. If you’re not enjoying the food in Japan, you’re doing something wrong! There is something for everyone – sushi, ramen, soba, sashimi, onigiri and thousands more. It’s not only Japanese style food that’s delicious in Japan though – there’s also a ton of great burger joints, curry houses, and other international foods.


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2. The Mix of New and Old

One great aspect of Japan is the ancient culture. You can’t go far without finding an ancient temple or a shrine to visit. However, if Japan was nothing but temples, that would get pretty inconvenient. What makes Japan really special is a perfect mix of the new and the old. Explore amazing cities full of skyscrapers, while finding tiny little shrines to explore along the way. How awesome is that?


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3. The Language

While the Japanese language is incredibly hard to learn, it’s also really amazing. A language full of rich vocabulary, onomatopoeia, and words that don’t exist in the English language. For example, “mottainai” – the concept of not wasting things.


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4. The Culture

Kimono, festivals, tea ceremonies, hanami, taiko drumming, and calligraphy are some of Japan’s most well known cultural activities. However, Japanese culture is something much deeper. Bowing, exchanging business cards, not talking on the train – many of these manners that make Japan special is all thanks to Japan’s culture.


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5. The Land and Climate

It’s not only what’s in Japan that makes it a great place, but where it is, too. To the south of Japan, you get paradise-like islands that you can only dream of. In the centre of Japan are large Ghibli-esque forests. And to the north of Japan is a snow paradise. Japan really is one of the few countries to have it all, not to mention the fabulous seasons in Japan, which have had a huge influence on Japanese culture, too.


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This was the list of 5 things I love about Japan. There is a ton of other stuff that I’m sure I’ve forgotten, but this time I kept my list quite broad. Why don’t you tell me what you love about Japan down in the comments?


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